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TOP 5 mistakes you can make when buying a stroller

by Viki 30 Aug 2023
multifunkciós babakocsi

1. You go to the first store and buy it along with all the other items

You won't necessarily find the best stroller for you in the first store where you buy all your other baby stuff. Choosing a stroller is one of the most important questions, because there are so many things to think about before you can decide which type will help your family without compromise in the first few years. If you make the right choice the first time, you can save money and save your nerves from disappointment and inconvenience.

2. It is likely that no one thinks about this when choosing a stroller, but the location of the seat belt legs is very important

Above, both drawings show the backrest of the seat with the five-point seat belt. In the upper drawing, you can see that the seam is almost halfway up the seat, while in the lower one it is sewn to the very edge.

Why is this important?

When your baby can already sit, but is not yet able to support himself perfectly and likes to look around in the stroller, it is important that the belt holds him and does not slide down into an uncomfortable, half-lying position.

3. We don't think about how big of a wheeled stroller we'll actually need

At first, the big wheel may sound very good, but the truth is that its use is rarely justified. On most terrains, you can get by more easily with a high-quality stroller with small wheels, and it takes up much less space when folded, not to mention its weight.
Choose a large wheel if you go jogging with a stroller or if you often walk through bumpy, potholed forests. In the latter case, it may be worth considering using a baby carrier or kangaroo instead.

4. We do not think about its dimensions when folded and where we will store it

Where are you going to take it with you? On public transport, in the car, maybe on a plane? How big is the trunk of your car and how much space do you have for the stroller?
Until you use it, where do you store it? Maybe you have to carry it across floors to your apartment, or just push it into the garage? It is also worth paying attention to the weight here.
If you want to take it on a plane, will it be allowed on board or do you have to give it up with the suitcases? It doesn't matter if you can put the little one in immediately after landing, or if you have to wait a long time to access the stroller.

5. We decide on an emotional basis, we do not scrutinize the details and technical data, we are only interested in the beautiful design and color

The color, shape, and rosegold frame of a stroller may be beautiful, but all this is useless if it is not technically in order, or perhaps not comfortable for the baby. How is its stability? Is its frame structure strong enough? Does it have adequate vibration damping? This is all a safety issue that needs to be taken care of for the sake of the baby. Whether you can hang a bag on the push bar depends on the stability, as well as how much it will topple while your child is fiddling around in the stroller. In the case of low-quality frame structures, it often happens that it creaks, which can be disturbing in the long run. Worse, it might break on the way. The latter is more common when you no longer use it with the first child. What is the quality of the material? Is it made of baby skin-friendly material? Is it easy to clean? From what age can it be used? You will be financially better off if you find one that is easy to handle and can be used from birth. Anyone who buys the 3in1 stroller for the first 6 months will think twice about whether to leave home or buy a light sports stroller. What are its dimensions when folded? How much does it weigh? Frequent carrying of a stroller weighing more than 10 kg can also affect the health of the spine.
We recommend studying the technical data first, and then, if you have the chosen type based on them, then the design can come.

5+1. You will not notice the Voyager stroller :)))

The good news is that with the Rosalie & Donell Voyager stroller, you can't get too close! We guarantee an enjoyable stroller experience for you and your child every day!

It is light because it is only 7.5 kg. It is made of reinforced, stable frame structure, vibration damper and baby-skin-friendly, premium material. It can be easily folded, opened and fits in a small space. You can even take it on board the plane with you. You can use it from newborn age, so it will accompany you through the stroller period without compromises and in a compact way! Need more?!

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