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Why not buy the multifunctional stroller?

by Viki 26 Aug 2023
milyen babakocsit vegyek

When choosing a stroller, it is important to consider how much you will drive and travel.

Even though today's multi-functional strollers, you can remove the carrycot/carrier/sports part with one click, and then you can also fold it with one click, which seems quite simple when described like this, but is it really?

If you have to load and unload from the trunk of the car every day, after a while this long line of movements gets quite annoying, especially if you also have to pay attention to the older toddler. Not to mention how much space the frame and the corresponding element take up separately.

Speaking of the many parts, they also need to be stored somewhere. You will use the Moses for a maximum of the first 6 months, as well as the carrier. Do you have a place to put/store these until the baby brother arrives? Today, there are super car seats that can be used from newborns, which can trigger the use of a carrier.

In addition, 3in1 strollers usually weigh more than 10 kg, which must be lifted every day. This may not even bother you in the first few weeks or even months, but after a while it will certainly become burdensome to use it every day and it may affect the health of the spine.

Would you vote for it because of the big wheels?

Big wheels also take up a lot of space and it is only rarely justified to buy a stroller with big wheels. The small wheel is perfect for everyday use, except if you want to go jogging with a stroller, or if you walk a lot in a forest with bumpy, potholed roads. In this case, however, it is worthwhile to specifically consider the choice of a running stroller, or to consider whether you will really continue this sport with your child, or whether hiking is easier if you carry your child in a baby carrier/kangaroo.

A high-quality stroller with small wheels is also perfect for city, gravel, cobblestone or lighter dirt roads.

Didn't they recommend another option from newborn age?

The good news is that the Rosalie & Donell Voyager stroller can be used from newborns, so you can save yourself from the hassle of multi-functional versions and save money at the same time. In addition to its many good features, the Voyager stroller fits in a small space, it is easy to close, open and lift, so you won't think twice about going on a trip. It will accompany you through the stroller period without compromises and in a compact way, so that everyday walks and trips are enjoyable! Read more about it, then hit it up!

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