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A compact stroller safe from newborn age

by Rosalie & Donell 28 Nov 2023
A compact stroller safe from newborn age

Were you also immediately recommended a large-wheeled multifunctional stroller as soon as they heard you were expecting a baby?

This is because most sports strollers are not sufficiently stable in structure, cannot tilt into a sufficiently lying position, and may not necessarily have wheel suspension.

The Voyager compact stroller can be safely used from newborn age and uniquely accompanies you from the beginning to the end of the stroller period.

  • It can be converted into a cradle, providing a secure place protected from all four sides for your newborn or a few months old baby.
  • Its front wheels have wheel suspension, so you don't have to worry about excessive shaking while on the go.
  • Its small wheels can withstand even gravel, cobblestone paths, or lighter dirt roads. 
  • It has a reinforced aluminum frame, providing sufficient stability for you and your baby. You can even hang a diaper bag on it without it tipping over.
  • You can continuously keep an eye on your little treasure through the peek-a-boo window.
  • It can carry a child of up to 25kg, so you don't have to worry about your child outgrowing it prematurely.
  • Ergonomically padded, it provides comfort and supports healthy development for your baby's back and head.
  • Its material is baby-friendly, soft, and extremely easy to clean, even with a damp sponge.
  • Its lying surface can be extended with the footrest section, allowing your little one to comfortably sleep in it longer compared to most strollers, without dangling their legs.
  • Its seat can be adjusted in 3 positions: lying, semi-seated (from about 5 months old), and fully seated positions.
  • Due to its size and weight, it can be taken on an airplane.


    Read more about it, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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