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How to choose your baby stroller?

by Rosalie & Donell 11 Aug 2023
újszülött babakocsi

Choosing a stroller is one of the most cardinal questions that arise in the preparations for baby arrival, as it will be with you every day for a few years, so it really matters what you choose.

Today's marketing around strollers has gone in a misguided direction, suggesting that the most important thing is for it to be foldable and unfoldable at the touch of a button. But is that really the most important thing? Does that extra 5 seconds matter? What about your baby's comfort? Safety? Material usage?

Let's look at the 5 points that, if considered, you won't regret your choice!

  1. Frame structure, safety

One of the most important aspects of strollers is the sturdy, robust frame structure, as this is also a safety issue. Especially in the lower price categories, it's very common for the stroller to be unstable, perhaps unable to handle frequent walks on gravel or uneven terrain, and the baby may feel uncomfortable. If you also plan to hang a diaper bag on the handlebar, a stable structure is particularly important, as a weak stroller can easily tip over, even with the baby.

  1. Recommended age group

Think ahead! You will use the stroller with your baby every day until at least the age of 2. Therefore, it's important that it's lightweight and easy to handle. The most economical option is to choose one that can accompany you from newborn age to 4 years old without any hassle or conversion. This way, you won't find yourself wanting to immediately replace your newborn stroller with a lightweight and easy-to-handle sports stroller a few months later.

  1. Size when folded

Before choosing your future stroller, it's worth considering how you will use it. Do you plan to travel by plane with your baby? - In this case, it's worth considering a size suitable for carry-on luggage. Will you often take it in your car trunk? - How big is the trunk, how much space will you allocate for the stroller? Will you be using public transportation frequently? - will you carry it folded up, or open? If folded, its weight is important so that you don't have to carry too much weight.

  1. Comfort

Have you ever thought that your baby will "live" in the stroller for the first 1-2 years? Therefore, comfort, ergonomic design, and material usage are particularly important. Don't choose a stroller with a narrow seating area, as your child won't stay a newborn and will need a comfortable, sufficiently wide seating area. In addition, proper cushioning and vibration damping are important. Also, consider what will be comfortable for you. How heavy is it, what are its dimensions? Is it easy to lift, carry, and store? Is it easy to open and fold?

  1. Material usage

The material of the stroller is a very important aspect. It also plays a role in comfort, as it will often come into contact with your baby's skin in the summer, so it mustn't cause allergic reactions. Look for products labeled with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification (we will write more about this in another blog). Additionally, the cleanability of the stroller depends on the material usage. It matters whether the stroller remains stained after a muddy playground session or if you can simply clean it. Strollers are exposed to a lot of UV radiation as you walk in the sunshine, which can fade the color if the material is not UV-resistant.

If you consider these factors, the selection of strollers will be significantly narrowed down, but we have great news!

The Rosalie & Donell Voyager stroller perfectly meets all these criteria, so we confidently recommend it whether you are looking for a stroller for a newborn baby or if you are just about to replace your 3in1 stroller with a super sports stroller!

Find the Voyager among the products, read more, and then grab it!

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